Avengers vs Justice League pt.1

One of the biggest nerd fights of all time is who would win between the Justice League and the Avengers. Before we get to the actually get to the fight we have to lay out some ground rules. Yay!

Given that both teams have gone through multiple member changes we are going to make the teams as the top five most common for each team. For the Avengers that is the Wasp, The Vision, Hawkeye, Iron Man and Captain America.Matching against them for the Justice League we have the Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. While these might not be the most powerful they are the most common and therefore are the teams we will take. Now we will break down each of the team members.

Justice League: Flash incredibly fast to the point that he has time-travelled using the speed force to its full potential. His strengths are focused in his speed and his ability to charge objects both using the speed force. His weakness is that he is a bit of glass cannon in the fact that when someone can land a hit on him he will likely stay down.

Justice League: Aquaman aquatic based hero with the ability to control fish and tides. Aquaman has many strengths in fact the only weakness he has is that if he is pulled out of his element enough for example a desert. Even then he is a skilled combatant without his powers

Justice League: Wonder Woman an Amazonian princess or queen, depending on the time, with unbelievable power that normally holds back for the sake of those around here likely the most powerful single person on the team.

Justice League: Batman rich beyond belief and an expert strategist who has managed to beat opponents much stronger than him by out thinking them. His weakness lies in the fact that he is merely human.

Justice League: Superman an alien of impressive strength the only thing more impressive than his powers is the extent of his weaknesses. He is weak to Kryptoniteas many know however most don’t know he is also weak to any and all magic attacks.

Avengers: The Wasp a lesser known hero who is one of the most consistent and strong Avengers. She has many abilities granted by Pym Particles including growing, shrinking, and minor density manipulation. She is also is a decent hand to hand combantant having martial arts training. She has no powers outside of the suit however

Avengers: The Vision a powerful android with a multitude of powers and most likely the strongest Avenger on this list. He has a grand variety of powers and no known weaknesses. He generally doesn’t fit full force however.’

Avengers: Hawkeye I will admit Hawkeye is one of my favorite characters but he is way out his league in this fight. He has unbelievable accurancy and arrows for all sorts of purposes but we will see how that handles against the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman.

Avengers: Iron Man a versatile rich playboy Tony Stark has a suit for everything and I mean everything he has over 100 different suits he has used. Once you get through the suit(s) he is only human.

Avengers: Captain America A physical combatant with an unbreakable shield and advanced comabt focused mind the Captain can be a force however he has had the shield turned on him before.

That’s all for part one check out part two in the next couple days.


To Making Marvelous History

While Endgame was clearly set up for success by the 21 movies proceeding it but very few could have predicted the box office giant it has become. In it’s first week alone it holds 30+ box office records and is the second highest grossing movie ever only playing second fiddle to Avatar (2009). Many question whether or not it will overthrow such a behemoth of a record but with the intensity and rather awe-inspiring nature of the movie I would not be surprised. It still sits about $600 million from its goal but considering the fact that it is already at $2.1 billion it doesn’t really seem as far.

Warning the following part of this article will dip into spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

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The movie had some many moments in it that acted as such fan service including “Avengers Assemble”, Captain America being able to fit Thanos 1v1, and evening smaller but fun details like Bruce saying he was made for this and Morgan Stark asking for a cheese burger from Happy. It all played really well into the world they spent a decade to build and I for one am going to visit again and again until it is no longer in theaters.

Bigger, Longer, and Stronger

Avengers: Endgame is due to hit theaters April 26th and this movie is shaping up to surpass anything this genre has presented before. Having a massive cast, over 3 hour runtime, and still barely knowing what is going to happen it isn’t suprising that it desimated the presales record and has a good chance of breaking a few more along the way. Basing the movie based upon critics reviews it has managed to surpass the massive expectations built up behind it. The movie has 21 movies to live up to and thankfully seems to not be interested in only matching but beating. After all they are

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I personally can’t wait and will be watching this open night and likely acting like a giddy child.

$uper Box Office

One of the biggest signs of the growth of superheros as a culture is the amount of money they can pull in from any given medium. Not only do they continue to make money through the original means such as comics and merchandise, they make impressive numbers in the box office. The trends have been pretty easy to notice. Since the first superhero movie ever to break the billion dollar barrier (Dark Knight 2008) superhero movies have only increased there revenues. In 2012 not 1 but 2 movies repeated the feat. Superhero movies continued to get a billion dollar movie about ever other year until another 6 years later, in 2018. In 2018 3 movies from the superhero genre made over a billion dollars each and the first superhero movie to break the 2 billion dollar barrier came out (Infinity War). With this year already having another billion dollar movie in Captain Marvel and more big movies on the way it is clear superheros have made an impact. And if that isn’t enough to convince you maybe the fact that 11 out of 38 billion dollar plus movies are from the superhero genre might help. But as our dear friend who started this all of says.

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And what a message has been sent. Where will superhero movies be in another decade. Truly only time can really tell but my money is on them continuing to break new ground and new records the whole way.